Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Brian's best ideas-he'll kill me if he knows I'm giving them out hehe

I was getting ready for work tonight complaining to my husband (whoo hooo I get to say husband! sorry newlywed moment) Anyway..complaining that I have nothing to wear to my friend's baby shower next weekend. He said "you have a closet full of clothes and just bought a few new dresses for the honeymoon, how can you say you have nothing to wear?"

Easily! I've already taken pictures in all of those new clothes when we were on the honeymoon! Now I'm going to be surrounded by my girl friends, we're going to want a group picture together and then years from now when I look back on this summer's photo album, if I'm wearing the same thing twice it's going to look like I only had two outfits! Makes perfect sense to me. His solution: a clothes store for women where you can rent casual tops, skirts, etc so that the dreaded re-wearing doesn't happen.

Another scheme he came up with came about after we went shopping together to find outfits to wear for our engagement pictures. We wanted to match, but not be matchy matchy and had a hard time finding something we liked. Ok, we found a shirt early on for him, I was a little picky. So he came up wtih the idea of having a store for couples. A one stop shop to find clothes that match each other...but aren't too matchy matchy. So if you're going to an event or having a picture taken you can easily find something that will look good together without looking like clones.

What do you think, could one of these be our big money maker? :)

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Brian said...

That's ok, i've got plenty of other good ideas we can fall back on. Don't forget about my plan to genetically modify a type of grass to only grow 2 inches high so it never has to be mowed! Always looking for a way out of a chore.

Although now that i think about it, this would have probably put me out of business when i was a 15 year old kid mowing grass on the weekends as my only source of income!