Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blonde Moment

Ok even though I'm not a full blonde (more like dirty dirty blonde with some highlights if I haven't been lazy) I still had a blonde moment today and it was embarrassing.

I was at DMV renewing my license and the girl at the counter told me to place my forehead on the eye machine and read the 2nd line. Well I turned to the right and without really looking, I placed my forehead on the first thing I saw. I didn't see any letters to read though and said "I don't think it's working- I can't see any letters" She turns to me and says that's because your head is on the camera- the eye machine is right next to it. I'm surprised she didn't flunk me on the eye exam right then and there since obviously I'm blind lol.

So my face is bright red at this point from embarrassment...just in time to take a new picture. Greeeaaaatttt. So when I get my new license in the mail not only will I look like a lobster...but an unhappy lobster since you aren't allowed to smile in the picture anymore. As if DMV pictures weren't bad enough already, Right?!

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