Monday, July 20, 2009

Baby shower fun

My friends and I helped plan a baby shower that took place this past weekend and my contribution to the shower was "Decorate the onesie." This was something I also did for my sister's shower a few years ago and it's always a lot of fun. A good activity for guests to do while the mommy-to-be opens gifts turns into another gift for the baby.

Just get some plain white ones from Target or Walmart in a few different sizes so the baby can grow into them. You'll need stencils (for those who are artistically challenged like me) and fabric markers. Small cake paper plates work good to stuff inside the onesie so that the markers don't bleed.

Here's a picture of my creation...I figured since you always see "I Love Mommy" and "I Love Daddy" onesies and bibs that their dog, Charlie, should get some recognition too :)

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