Tuesday, June 2, 2009

RSVP people!

Pet peeve time- people who do not rsvp! I had my bridal shower this weekend and my sister said one of my aunts never called, emailed, sent a note...nothing! to say whether she was coming or to politely decline. She didn't show but wouldn't it have been nice to let the host know that so she could plan for the amount of food needed?!

Now we have 5 days until we have to submit our final numbers to the caterer and have a number of people who never sent their response cards back. So frustrating! I have one friend who mentioned six months ago that he planned on coming but I haven't heard from him since and he never sent his RSVP. I've tried calling, emailing, texting...I'm becoming a stalker at this point just trying to get a yes or no! I'm thinking there should be fine print at the bottom of invitations that says "please respond by this particular date, if you do not, you revoke your right to come."

I mean seriously- how hard is it to respond?! The card is all filled out, you check yes or no, the envelope is pre-addressed AND stamped. It ain't that hard people- put it in the mail!

So this is my PSA of sorts to help out all future brides. If you get a wedding invite- send back the response card...immediately! Check yes or no, stick that sucker in the mail and know that the couple will appreciate your quick response more than you know!

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