Friday, May 15, 2009

It's Alive! It's Alive!

Months ago I was distraught when one of my favorite hole in the wall eateries, Yummy Taco, closed down. You might remember them on Independence Blvd in Va Beach. Well I drive by there now and can almost still taste the yumminess that was Yummy Taco.

A few weeks ago my future brother-in-law took a trip to New York and was walking through Brooklyn when he stumbled upon...

It's Alive!!

He said it even looks the same on the inside- a bare bones little place with Chinese restaurant style food photos above the counter. I wonder if they serve the fortune cookies with your tacos too?!

So I guess I have to plan a trip to New York now to find out if it's the same place that stole my heart...and tummy.

Brian said we can film our journey along the instead of "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle," it'll be "Stephanie and Brian go to Yummy Taco!"

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