Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dress Fitting Troubles

I went for my second dress fitting today and it did not go well! I put the dress on and it was still way too big in the bodice, to the point where it was bunching up and lumpy.

So I'm standing there trying to explain it to the seamstress and she doesn't say it's messed up because of the way the dress is made, or because of how she sewed the dress. No...she says it's because of the way I am made!

She actually told my friend, while I was standing right there, "Look at her hips, see how she is made? They are uneven, one is higher than the other and one leg is longer than the other. It's so hard to sew because of the way she is made." Well sorry, can't really do anything about I'm made, that was kinda up to the man upstairs. I should've told her to take it up with him if she doesn't like the way he designed me!

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