Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wooden teeth? Gold Grill? Choices Choices

So I finally sucked it up and went to the dentist today for a cleaning. It's not the cleaning that's so bad, it's the news that always comes with it. Because something bad always seems to follow. This time it was the dentist telling me that my fillings all need replacing. I've had a lot in my lifetime, I chalk it up to bad genes because I swear I brush my teeth all the time! So that's like 10 fillings that need replacing and I'm trying not to think of the pain involved...not only for my mouth but my wallet too.

At least I could laugh over one thing though. As a new patient to this dentist I had to fill out a million forms. One being a questionnaire who's very last question was, "Do you want to keep all of your teeth for the rest of your life?" Circle yes or no.

Um, who would actually say no to that? I mean I kinda wanted to just to mess with them and say No, I think I'd like to look into some wooden teeth. Or maybe bling it up a bit with a gold grill. Think I could pull off that look? Lol

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