Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I learned it from watching you!

Remember that commercial back in the 80s about drug use? Well I think if my cat could talk...he would say that about me. Not about drug use, of course, but about learning how to be lazy by watching me!

I mean they say pets resemble their owners right...and what does he see "mommy" do all day? Sit on the couch and watch tv lol. So I guess I only have myself to blame that vet told us yesterday that he gained a pound this past year and needs to go on a diet to make sure he doesn't get any bigger.

So it's either diet kitty food or we may have to revisit Brian's idea of "dogifying" them. Getting them on a leash and harness and taking them for a power walk around Mt Trashmore to peel off the pounds.

So don't laugh if you see two people trying to walk some cats this weekend!

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