Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bathing Suit Shopping

Three words that I dread...bathing suit shopping. I've avoided going for the last few years and stuck with my tried but true older one that covers what needs to be covered. But with the honeymoon approaching and the thought of spending a week on a tropical beach, I figured it was time to at least expand my collection to one or two more.

So Brian and I went to Kohls this weekend both looking for new suits. He went first, grabbed 4 or 5, tried them all on in like 10 minutes said yeah they're all ok, I'll get these two and that was it.

Me...an hour was spent in the dressing room trying them on...Turning around and wondering what in the world was going on with my backside....Sitting in them to see how my thighs would look...Laying in them to see how my stomach would look...and Bending over in them to make sure everything stayed in it's place!

At this point I told Brian I wish we had decided to go to Alaska, Antarctica...anywhere that I could have been covered from head to toe! Probably wouldn't have been a very fun trip I suppose...but then again neither is a trip to the store for bathing suit shop :)

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