Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Decisions Decisions

I think I'm all decisioned out. Nobody tells you how sick you will be of making decisions when wedding planning! Even the supposed "fun" doing your gift registry. Which toaster oven do you like? What color shower curtain should we get? Plates, sheets, appliances...decisions decisions decisions!

Once the big day comes and goes, I want to go a full month without making one big decisions. If need be, I will resort to eenie meenie miny moe!

The big one right now that I can't make up my mind on is the wedding band. I didn't realize when we picked out the engagement ring together how hard it would be to find one that matches perfectly...and looking at one that isn't quite right for the rest of my life just doesn't sit too well with me. So the choice is to go for the affordable one that doesn't match exactly or find the extra money to custom make it?

Hopefully the answer comes to me in the next few days because if I don't get on the ball there will no time left and I'll be getting a ring out of the bubble gum machine :)

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