Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What's in a name...a lot obviously!

There are many different ways to describe my job. I'm a be more specific the Evening DJ. Now there are other ways to describe my job Evening Air Talent, Evening Jock or Evening Personality. I normally never say the last one because, well, it just sounds a little funny if you catch my drift.

Yesterday though I was sick, had a fever of 101 and not just your ordinary sore throat. So I headed to Patient First. After waiting 2 hours, I was filling out some patient forms and without thinking put "Evening Personality" as my job title.

I blame the fever.

Because a little while later when I finally got to see a doctor...he walked in and actually asked me, "Are you a lady of the night?"

Note to self...NEVER say I'm an evening personality again! I'm sticking with plain 'ol DJ.

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