Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What do you do when a movie is REALLY bad?

Brian and I have had a string lately of watching some really bad movies...with one exception "Ghost Town" was pretty cute (has the British guy from The Office in it) Anyway...we made the mistake of watching "Burn After Reading" and absolutely hated it...but we still watched it...all the way through.

At home, I just can't stop watching a movie if I paid the money to rent it. I feel like I need to know the outcome, so if it's violent, I just close my eyes...Brian mutes it and tells me when it's over. If it's just plain boring, I'll do something else while it's on as background noise....just so that I can feel like I gave it a fair shot and got my money's worth.

In the theater is a little different. Since I can't use my at home tricks, I have walked out of two movies in the theater because I just couldn't handle the bloodshed (well, 3 times if you count when I was 4 and had to leave Care Bears because I was scared...not because there was bloodshed but to a 4 year old giant bears are pretty scary)

Brian's a little different though. He just emailed me to say that he tried watching Tropic Thunder and it was so bad, he had to fast forward to the end. A bad movie solution I've never considered. I'd be too afraid I would miss the one scene in the movie that made it semi-worthwhile. I want to be able to say, without any doubt, that was the worst movie ever!

So what's the worst movie you've seen lately? Did you suffer in silence, fast forward or give up on it all together?

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