Wednesday, April 30, 2008

15 and anonymous

I was reading today about Miley Cyrus and the Vanity Fair picture controversy and couldn't help but think back to being 15 years old. I was young and dumb! I mean I'm embarrassed now to think of myself at that age. But my best friends now were my best friends at 15 so we can always remind each other of all the embarrassing stories. Like our secret code names...we had nicknames for everybody! That way if we were passing notes or talking about the boy we liked in class, only we would know who we were talking about. I can only imagine now what the teachers thought of us saying "HP Land" is so cute. (don't ask me where we came up with that nickname-I have no idea!)

So to be a superstar at 15 and have those embarrassing moments broadcast to the world- AAH! I'm not saying the pictures are the same as a passed note...somebody should've thought at the time that they were too mature. But when you're 15 all you want to be is 16 and once you get to 16 it's all about being 18. You're just dying to grow up as fast as you can. And it seems to me that these young stars are expected to grow up even faster and then put down when they do. And it's not just Miley, I read a magazine article tonight about Taylor Swift and they described her as "the unmarried singer of 'Picture to Burn.'" She's still a kid...I hope she's unmarried!

I guess as cool as it would've seemed at 15 to be a superstar, I'm really glad I was just a normal teenager able to live out the embarrassing years anonymously...except for when I get together with my girlfriends...unfortunately they remember every detail :)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Good ol fashioned mail

Isn't it great when you get real mail? Not an email, or ecard, or myspace message but actual real mail. Normally I go to the mailbox and all that falls out is piles of junk mail and bills. Not exactly my idea of fun. But around August and Decemeber I get excited to check the mail because there may be an actual hand written birthday or Christmas card in there!

Well today I went to the mailbox and found an envelope, with my name on it...hand written! I was like a little kid at the candy store. It was from a good friend of mine and was the funniest engagement card I've ever seen! So I had to share it...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Louie...aka MacGyver kitty

Well my cat, Louie, is now going on 2 weeks of having a soft cone around his head. Poor little guy won't stop licking and he's just about licked his legs bald! I think he reached his breaking point today though...

To go two weeks without being able to clean his face was just too much for him. I was laying on the couch and he came up, starting licking my hand and then used it to rub against his face to clean himself. I don't know whether to call him Louie now...or MacGyver cuz that cat knows how to use whatever resource he needs to do what he's gotta do! I guess I should be really glad he was only trying to clean his face lol!

Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm getting married!

So despite my last two weeks of bad luck with a car accident among other things, I feel like the luckiest woman because my best friend in the world asked me to marry him :) He made me work for the ring though lol. He sent me a text saying "Dinner at 8, get dressed, grab a snack and look in the picnic basket to find me." Well I was on the phone with my dad when I got it and said, "Dad, I gotta go find Brian." He asked if we were playing hide and seek or something :) I didn’t know until later that Brian had called him the night before to ask for his blessing so dad definitely played it cool and didn’t let on that he knew what was up.

Well after hanging up with Dad, I got more excited than before our first date...ran to the picnic basket and found a crossword puzzle inside. It had clues about our first date, some fav. restaurants and some really really random what’s the abbreviation for Texas Super Chili Taco. HUH?! I was too busy trying to figure out if it really existed to realize he just wanted me to put tsct in the box because he couldn’t think of anything else haha!

Once I finally figured out the puzzle and solved it, I found that he was at the Founders Inn waiting for me. And once I got there he was out back with a dozen roses (looking quite handsome in his suit I have to say) and asked me to marry him. He jokes that it took a while to convince me...a lot of begging and pleading but actually...I started saying yes before he even got the question out. Lucky for me, he went ahead and got on one knee and asked, despite me jumping the gun a bit.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bad Car Karma

I've got some bad luck when it comes to driving. I have the tendency to back into things, get flat tires in the worst of places and have people come out of nowhere to hit me. So when I first started at Eagle in Aug '06 and had two car accidents in two weeks, word got around...stay away from the new girl when she's driving! I kinda hoped people would forget, but yesterday I had another car accident. I was driving down Greenwich Road, where the station is, and another driver swerved into my lane and hit me. Thankfully the only thing really hurt is my car. (R.i.p. side mirror).

Now since it was right on Greenwich...around everyone's quitting time...that meant a line of coworkers passed me by, did a double take and turned around to see if I was ok. As I stood on the side of the road with my banged up car, I realized that I will forever be known now for my bad driving luck. And when I walked into the office today for a meeting with Jombi, word had definitely gotten around. He saw me, ducked underneath his desk and said "don't hit me!" Yeah, I've got bad karma. But hey, it's only bad car karma. I'm perfectly safe in person. If you see me behind the wheel, hide, turn and run...I'll understand!