Monday, December 1, 2008

My personal assistant for the day...

I got this email from a listener named Jay tonight...he and his coworker Marc made a bet over whether I would play a certain song for them and the bet had some interesting consequences for the looser :)


My coworker Marc listens to you every weeknight at work here. I mentioned a 90's country star that I complained to him that you never play. He says you do and will. Our argument led to a big bet which you get to settle tonight. Marc "dared" me to make the bet and email you, so here goes.

This particular artist I will mention, well I'm requesting any song by him to be played tonight, anytime during your shift! If you don't play this artist tonight, Marc will have to go to our work's New Year's Party in full drag dressed as any diva that I choose! Me and the girls at the office here get to pick the outfit he has to wear! Also, I will get full control over the radio dial for one year from tomorrow!

If you do play this artist (no way) here I what I agree to as stipulated by my coworkers.
1) I will dress in full drag as any diva you choose. 2) I'm dressed in drag like this for any Eagle Concert or event that you chose. 3) I will be the Eagle "free labor in drag". I will be the station gopher in drag for the entire event. 4) You can even take and post pics.

SO, there you go! Now the fun part! The artist? Joe Diffie! HAHA! No way you play him!

I told Marc that you can even blog this email bet if I lose!

Since we DO play Joe Diffie...and I played "Pickup Man" for Marc, that means Jay--YOU LOSE! And I'm blogging about it :)

So coming up Jan. 24th at Winterblast I'm looking forward to having Jay as my gopher/personal assistant. Any ideas over what I should make Jay do for me that day? Fetching Diet Coke? Feeding me grapes? lol

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marc e marc said...

Please put him to work since he lost! How bout washing the station van as well;)