Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Counting Down...

Here we go again, it's now 7 hours away from 2009 and although I vowed not to make yet another New Year's Resolution that I wouldn't keep...I found myself thinking of things I'd like to be better about in the New Year.

I decided years ago that I will not resolve to loose weight, exercise or anything that involves me starting Jan. 1 just to quit Jan 15. So that will not be my resolution.

Last year Brian and I resolved to make a new type of dinner once a month. Now we were easy on ourselves. ONCE A MONTH. And we failed...miserably. After one bad dinner of some really dry falafel we went back to the basics of spaghetti and enchiladas. So, I'm giving up on the cooking thing.

But...I have decided on one thing that I really need to improve on...leftovers. The rare times I do cook, I always end up with leftovers and I feel like it may be a while before I cook again, so I save them. And then forget about them. And a month later I find pasta covered with more fur than both my cats!

Yeah...gross I know. Since my budget just can't handle another year of throwing out tupperware because I keep letting things go bad in it...I am going to try in 2009 to clean out my frig on a weekly basis...or biweekly. I don't want to get crazy here :) I'm taking baby steps into 2009 and towards a clean refrigerator.

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