Friday, November 7, 2008

Reply All mistakes

Ever hit "reply all" on an email and immediately realized you probably should've checked first to see who you were sending it to?

Well I went to see Dolly Parton last night and since I'm such a huge fan, I was really excited to send out the picture of me with her as soon as I got home. Not really thinking about it, I just sent a mass email that included my friends and my family.

I got a response back right away from one of my girl friends saying "Her boobs are HUGE! They are just screaming "HELLO!" And then asked "are they real?"

Too bad she didn't know that she had hit reply all and sent that email to everyone, including my DAD! So he called me up laughing and she sent another email saying "I'm going to kill you! You have tell me if your dad is on an email!"

Guess we both learned our lessons about sending mass emails and hitting reply all! lol

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