Tuesday, October 21, 2008

R.I.P Yummy Taco :(

It seems like every time I fall in love with a Mexican restaurant, it goes out of business. First Senior Iguanas, then Los Bravos...and now Yummy Taco. If you live in V.B. and have ever driven down Independence Blvd heading towards Princess Anne and looked to the right, you would've seen a neon sign saying "Yummy Taco."

Sure it looked like a dump...in fact the first time Brian said he wanted to go there I refused to step foot in the door. He proved me wrong though when he showed me the ginormous burritos, unique tacos, tostada salads and the Chinese fortune cookies that came with ever order. A little strange yes, but it was cheap and lived up to it's name- YUMMY!

Well the last two times we've tried to order the phone just rang and rang. We figured they were busy and opted to order something else or (gasp) cook something ourselves. But this weekend we drove by and the bright neon sign was no longer lit.

Our stomachs dropped, fearing the worst, but we pulled up anyway. The store was closed, no lights on. But we got out of the car to peer inside. Faces to the window, Brian longing for the chicken fajitas and me for the tofu taco...we were faced with the reality that Yummy Taco may have gone to the Mexican heaven in the sky.

I still haven't completely given up hope...I'll drive by a few more times and continue to dream of my tofu taco with fortune cookies on the side.

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