Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Chicken woes

I've been a vegetarian for...well I can't keep count of the years anymore...but I think it's around 15 years. Ever since I sat in a Denny's restaurant in 6th grade and realized I could not eat an animal. Coming from a family of hunters, this did not go over so well lol. But I stuck to my guns, they could eat whatever they wanted, I would eat...or not eat...what I wanted.

Most of the time I don't even think about it, it's just natural to me to not eat meat. But sometimes even after all these years, it's tough. I was craving Mexican last night so I Brian and I went to a new place that we hadn't tried yet. I sat down, looked at the menu and under the Vegetarian headline it said "may contain chicken stock." Ummm what?! I asked the waiter about it and he said "well just for flavor." Ok I know meat eaters like the flavor of chicken- I love soy chicken patties- but if it has real chicken in it, you can't call it vegetarian!

So we left and went to another Mexican restaurant...still craving fajitas I asked if they could specially make veggie ones, since it wasn't on the menu. They said sure, a long wait later, out comes my sizzling hot plate of veggie fajitas...with chicken in it. Oy!

It surprises me how often this happens. I got to a restaurant, order the vegetarian stir fry and am asked, "would you like chicken or beef with it?" Seriously?

So if anyone could tell me a good restaurant in Hampton Roads, where vegetarian and meat eaters can co-exist...after gotta feed my carnivore fiance too...let me know!

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