Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Are we blind?

Anyone else noticing a LOT of product placement on TV...really really obvious stuff too. It's not just a character wearing a shirt with a logo or something in the background anymore.

Today I finally got around to watching "The Closer" season finale on my DVR and in the middle of the interrogation scene, suddenly the camera panned to a "Soyjoy" granola bar sitting on the desk. I think it actually zoomed in on it!

Another awful example...did you see "The Starter Wife" miniseries that was on last summer? Drove me nuts how Debra Messing's character was getting ready to go out and the camera zoomed in on her washing her face with Loreal products and using their make-up. I mean, come on, just because I'm watching mindless TV like "The Starter Wife" doesn't mean I'm mindless lol.

And the worst show of all...Biggest Looser. I can't even watch it anymore because I'm so sick of the trainers telling them how great it is to chew gum, only 5 calories...blah blah blah and then they zoom in on the gum package and it's Big Red, or whatever brand. See, I can't even remember what it was! Just that I was annoyed by it.

I wonder how dumb do they think we are that we aren't going to notice this stuff? Of course I did miss a key thing in this video: check it out if you have a minute- it's pretty funny.

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