Monday, July 7, 2008

I hate this project!!!

Ok-I am SO frustrated right now. I spent the entire weekend on this stupid kitchen table and I'm telling ya, the more I do to it, the worse it looks! Uggghhhhhh!

I took so many trips to Lowe's after not one, but two electric sanders broke on me. Not that they were doing that great of a job anyway but I just don't have the arm muscles for that kinda work.

On top of that, the first paint stripper I bought didn't do jack, so I had to go get another one. I bought the wrong kind of paint...found out that satin finish does not mean a glossy finish. And I bought way too much of it. Learned the hard way that you don't need a gallon just for some chairs and table legs.

So I gave up yesterday, threw in the towel and couldn't look at it anymore. But I had another spurt of will today so I went back to Lowe's yet again and got a can of high gloss but hey, at least I bought the right size this time. And I repainted everything I had painted this weekend. And I still hate it!

I'm wondering if I total all my receipts from the weekend if I coulda just bought a new table that doesn't look like a 2 year old painted it.

And I could've spent my long weekend laying on the beach.

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