Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Robbing the Cradle

When I was working at my previous job, I was heading to a road show with one of the part time employees on our promotions staff talking about our lives. I told him I needed a good man and jokingly told him to bring me some eye candy to the station. Well a few days later, there was a knock on my office door and I turned around to see him standing there...with Brian at his side. He introduced us and told me to show Brian around the station, which of course I jumped at the chance to. And after Brian left, Kevin asked me "Did I do good?" I said yes...but he looks soooo young, I can't date him. So the next afternoon when Kevin came into work he reported back that Brian was actually 27. Being 26 at the time, I thought- OK then! :)

Well today a coworker came up to me after seeing us together and asked, was that your son? My SON??? She said he looked so young that at first she thought he was my son...then thought I wasn't old enough to have a son so she thought maybe he was my younger brother...or I was just robbing the cradle. The more she back peddled out of it, the worse I felt. Seriously, how old did she think I am?!

I guess on one hand I should be happy that as we age my fiance will apparently still look young, along with being young at heart. But as woman, I can't get over this and may need a couple of days of asking everyone, do I look old? until I get my confidence out of the gutter.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Monopoly Money

I'm a board game fanatic. I love 'em...but only when I'm winning of course. (which means Yahtzee may soon be thrown out the window). So this past weekend Brian and I got a new version of Monopoly...there's an electronic banker. No more rainbow colored 50s and 100s. Instead you have a debit card loaded with 2 million dollars. Heck yeah! Of course all of the properties on the board cost now more too. Even Monopoly has given in to inflation!

Well today we put the board games away and faced real life...setting our wedding date and signing the contract for the venue. We were both pretty nervous heading there. Thinking that this is just the start of all the money we'll be shelling out over the next year. So when we signed the contract and the woman helping us asked, how would you like to pay for this? Brian's response...with Monopoly money! lol. Wouldn't that be nice?!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Going Green

Last weekend Brian and I went Mt. Trashmore for our daily run (well it's a run until I run out of air and my legs get tired...then becomes a walk haha) Well at Trashmore it was Earth Day with lots of booths set up letting you know how you can green your lifestyle a bit more. I have to admit, I haven't been the best at recycling since I moved to Hampton Roads. In Fredericksburg, there was a dump with recycling right near my was so easy to just drop it off. But here I don't have that convenience. So my apt was overrun with plastic bottles and plastic bags that I planned on taking some point.

So I decided to make a better effort and got some of the mesh bags from the grocery store that are reusable. They're great, hold a lot and make it soooo much easier to carry big loads of groceries up 3 flights of stairs! The only problem is, I sometimes forget to take them to the store, especially if I'm just running in for one thing, ya know? But that problem has now been solved because I found this at Target today...for about a dollar it's a reusable bag that folds and zips up and you can just carry it in your purse! Best dollar I've spent in a long time...except for that Twix bar...a dollar is always well spent on chocolate :)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Rules from a Texas Gentleman

Lyle Lovett talked to Esquire magazine recently and gave his rules for how to treat a woman...some I agree with...others not so much.

The first rule of manhood is that women are in charge. Give it up. Realize they're smarter and better looking.

i like the way you think Lyle!

A woman comes to a table and you're supposed to get up.

not so important to me. Sure it's nice...just not necessary

Never guess a woman's age. Never guess a woman's weight. Never even talk about weight in front of a woman. And never, ever ask a woman when she's due.

Amen to that! Short story...I was in the ladies room with a pregnant friend (who is very skinny even when pregnant) And she was saying that she was tired of strangers asking to touch her belly. Well this stranger comes out of one of the stalls and jokingly asks ME if she could touch MY belly. I had to say, um I'm not the one who's pregnant! Not a good day for me.

Women always go through the door first.

I'm down with that. Unless...I'm 50 feet away and you're already at the door holding it open for me so that I can go through first. That's just awkward...I feel like I have to run to get to the door to not hold you up. In this case, I can open the door for myself.

Never pass a woman a single bread roll, even if she says, "Don't pass them all over." Don't do it. Bring her the whole basket. Some things are a trick. I can hear the phone conversation later on with a girlfriend, "I asked him to pass a single roll. And he did!" It's a trap.

I couldn't care less about how many rolls Brian passes me. Throw me one...give me the basket and I'll pick. Who cares?!.

Never look in a woman's purse -- invited or uninvited. Especially invited. Just refuse. Bring her her purse, don't fish around in there. We don't know what's in there, and we don't want to know.

It's not a Mary Poppins aren't going to reach in and pull out a lamp. Yeah there might be makeup, some gum...maybe (gasp!) a hygiene product of some sorts. But it's not that scary.

So what do you think? What rules would you add or take away from the list?