Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bad Car Karma

I've got some bad luck when it comes to driving. I have the tendency to back into things, get flat tires in the worst of places and have people come out of nowhere to hit me. So when I first started at Eagle in Aug '06 and had two car accidents in two weeks, word got around...stay away from the new girl when she's driving! I kinda hoped people would forget, but yesterday I had another car accident. I was driving down Greenwich Road, where the station is, and another driver swerved into my lane and hit me. Thankfully the only thing really hurt is my car. (R.i.p. side mirror).

Now since it was right on Greenwich...around everyone's quitting time...that meant a line of coworkers passed me by, did a double take and turned around to see if I was ok. As I stood on the side of the road with my banged up car, I realized that I will forever be known now for my bad driving luck. And when I walked into the office today for a meeting with Jombi, word had definitely gotten around. He saw me, ducked underneath his desk and said "don't hit me!" Yeah, I've got bad karma. But hey, it's only bad car karma. I'm perfectly safe in person. If you see me behind the wheel, hide, turn and run...I'll understand!

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