Wednesday, April 30, 2008

15 and anonymous

I was reading today about Miley Cyrus and the Vanity Fair picture controversy and couldn't help but think back to being 15 years old. I was young and dumb! I mean I'm embarrassed now to think of myself at that age. But my best friends now were my best friends at 15 so we can always remind each other of all the embarrassing stories. Like our secret code names...we had nicknames for everybody! That way if we were passing notes or talking about the boy we liked in class, only we would know who we were talking about. I can only imagine now what the teachers thought of us saying "HP Land" is so cute. (don't ask me where we came up with that nickname-I have no idea!)

So to be a superstar at 15 and have those embarrassing moments broadcast to the world- AAH! I'm not saying the pictures are the same as a passed note...somebody should've thought at the time that they were too mature. But when you're 15 all you want to be is 16 and once you get to 16 it's all about being 18. You're just dying to grow up as fast as you can. And it seems to me that these young stars are expected to grow up even faster and then put down when they do. And it's not just Miley, I read a magazine article tonight about Taylor Swift and they described her as "the unmarried singer of 'Picture to Burn.'" She's still a kid...I hope she's unmarried!

I guess as cool as it would've seemed at 15 to be a superstar, I'm really glad I was just a normal teenager able to live out the embarrassing years anonymously...except for when I get together with my girlfriends...unfortunately they remember every detail :)

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